Sunday, February 25, 2007

Salt Grass Trail Ride 2007

Jerrell just got done riding in the final two days of the Salt Grass Trail Ride. Jerrell rides with the Marks Family Wagon which is Wagon #1 in the Salt Grass Trail Ride. This is Jerrell's second year riding...this past week he rode Thursday and Friday for a total of 33 miles...12 and 21 respectively. The trail ride is a 7 day ride that leads up to the parade and the start of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo. Check out the pic page for some photos. There is even a photo from 2006 that shows Jerrell on the ground after being dismounted by his crazy horse he had last year.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

2 Months & Shots No Problem!

Jayk is now 2 months old...and all you moms out there knows what that means---shots! We went to the doctor on Tuesday the 20th...he turned two months on the 18th...and he was a CHAMP!...He now weighs 12 pounds and 11 ounces...and is 23 3/4 inches tall...he is in the 75% right now...

The shots went great...he only cried a bit...and we are glad he did...I would be worried if he didn't...he has even had a good day since he got them...a little fussy but not too bad...

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Jayk's First Cousin

The past few months has been filled with lots of good news in the Altic family...we just got word of confirmation from my middle brother (John) and his wife Kelly (The reason I say middle brother is because I have two older brothers and I have always called him that when descrbining birth order in the family.) That they are PREGNANT. The heart beat looks great and baby and mom are doing fine...

How about parents for years must of thought that they only grandkids they were going to have was a couple of dogs, a few mules, and anything else that would classify...however now with Jayk already here and his new first cousin on it's way the folks are fired up! John & Kelly are due September 22nd...that is actually John's how about that...! God is so good!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

Please go to to my our dear friends blog The Jones Family and read Amanda's blog entry...I have left a comment as well...Jerrell

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Preaching, Potty, & Patience

Time has been scooting by in the Altic household of lately. Jerrell just got done speaking for three straight nights in a row for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. He spoke at Bethel Independent Pres., Rice University and Sugar Creek Baptist Church. It was one of his favorite topis (The Mandate for the Nations). Mobilizing and challenging people to fulfill the Great Commission.

Jayk has been growing like crazy. It seems some mornings we just wake up (or some days and nights run together) it appears that he has grown in so many ways. He is slowly figuring out what real sleep is...but just when we think it will be a good night he tricks us...We are so thankful for his life and the privilege we have in raising a son! Mommy & Jayk have been able to go a full short walks these past few both of their delight. It's amazing what 30 minutes outside can do for the heart and the soul (and for hiccups for Jayk).

Today when Jayk was getting changed he wet in two diapers and when real potty without a diaper in place...needless to say this event ended with a bath...

Patience has been the theme for us in the house...being patient as well love and lead Jayk...patient as we wait on God to fulfill his purposes before us...patient to believe God will give us strenght just in the moment we need it...patience as we face the world for of sin and impatience...God willing Gal. 2:20 shall come forth in our lives..."that it is no longer we that live but Christ that lives in us." So much more freedom comes when we allow Christ to live through us...rather than us trying to live our own lives for Him...Jesus take the as you please in us...make your name great and your story famous in us! We invite it and desire it...not our will but yours...