Thursday, April 26, 2007

Golf Retreat

I know many people may laugh at such an opportunity I have this weekend but I am requesting prayer for such an event. I am leading the devotionals at HFBC's Golf Retreat. I am pretty fired up about what the Lord has given me to will be at Rayburn Golf Club about 2.5 hours away from Houston...Jerrell

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Missouri...Jayk's First Trip Continued

So our time in Misssouri was filled with great relaxation and reunion. On Saturday evening we saw the pastor of Springhill Baptist Church (my home church) in the mall with his family...we had some small talk with them and then went about our shopping...BUT...when we got home Pastor Kevin had called and wanted to see if Jerrell wanted to preach the two services in the which he couldn't have been more honored. One thing Jayk has been doing is going to church with us and sleeping through the services...that is perfect nap time for him so he is ready to sleep...however when dad started preaching Jayk didn't want to sleep...he started looking around for that voice (that made dad's heart proud)...however he snuggled up next to mommy and fell fast asleep...what a privlege for my son's first time to hear my preach was at the place God saved me, I was baptized, licensed, and ordained into the ministry. What a privlege!

Jayk got to experience his first snow in crazy...we got to see all 4 seasons in one weekend...well at least 3 of them...fall really didn't exists while we were there...but on Saturday morning he started snowing like we bundled him up and capture a photo of him outside in the snow...once again how fun to get his first snow in MO...however he can't wait to get a real snow in Wyoming!

Dad needs to head to work...more later...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Missouri...Jayk's First Trip

Where can we begin...we left Houston at 1:08 p.m. from Rice University after Jerrell spoke for the Rice BSM for their weekly luncheon on campus...the Sequoia was loaded down with little room left for one more thing...(those of you with kiddos know that it is like moving everything you go somewhere for more than a evening)...we made it to Centerville (the jerky capital of th world) before we had to was a little rough but we made it...then we made it just north of Dallas to the Plano Home Depot before the next stop....made one stop for gas and headed on to Missouri...our next stop was Durant, OK...we tried to get a room at Holiday Inn and they were booked....needless to say we had to settle for Days Inn...pretty rough hotel...but it worked for Jayk to get dinner, a bath, a change of clothes and a bed for a very short nap...we then checked out after an hour and a half (that was the plan all along for those of you who think I am a mean driver)...for 30 minutes it was great...we thought we had mastered this road trip and it was our first time out...then Jayk woke up...severly confused that he wasn't in his bed or any bed at this time of our sweet boy began to cry and we didn't know if he was going to to we thought maybe we should get a hotel room for the we pulled into McAlester, OK to the Holiday Inn...I ran in and checked for a room and guess what...they were sold out as well as every other room in the we had two choices...spend the night in the car at Holiday Inn (not happening) or we turned the music up a little bit and let our son praise the Lord (cry out)...soon he went to sleep and slept for 5 hours...thank you Jesus...we made it to MO right at 2:00 a.m...

Let me pick back up on this story...Jayk is needing daddy..

We Repent!

Yes Yes Yes...we repent...we realize it has been almost a month since we have given an update...needless to say you know that most of you are kind forgiving indivduals...thanks for being so kind

As way of pentenance we have put on our pic page all kinds of new of Easter, Jane's Birthday Party, and a wonderful trip to Missouri (more on that trip later).

Stay tuned more coming later...out the door to lunch.