Sunday, February 24, 2008

Jaykers, Daddy, and Gigi

Here are so fun pics of Jayk and Jay playing golf in Jayk's bedroom and then Jane(Gigi) and I took Jayk to the park on Saturday...It was so fun...Jane is getting married in 3 weeks... WOW...we are all so excited...

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Fun Pics and We are an Uncle and Aunt

Here are so fun updated pics of Jayk...We went to the park on Friday afternoon and Jayk loves it...and he loves his little "car"...we have it in the house and he gets in and out of it is so fun!!!

Jerrell and I officially became and Aunt and Uncle yesterday...Brooke Addison Altic was born...she is the daughter of John and Kelly Altic...Jerrell's older brother that lives here in Humble...I do have to say myself that little Brooke is beautiful...she is in the ICU unit right now because Kelly had a temp while having her so they are watching her but all seems to be going so well...we are so excited and today in the NICU I whispered to her that her aunt loves is going to be so fun to be an Aunt...