Thursday, September 25, 2008

India Via London (Bless my Wife)

Since I am waiting in London at the airport on my way to India and we (Kay and I) don't have cable or internet at the house yet due to Ike...I thought I would take a minute to post a blog on behalf of how amazing my wife is...she has no idea I am posting this and I might not have a chance to tell her before I get on the plane...or maybe I will just "forget" so she can find it on her own...Kay you are an amazing woman! A woman of faith! The greatest thing I love about you (there are several but this one comes to mind now and often) is that you have a pure, passionate, love for Jesus Christ...I never have to worry are you growing, spending time with him, praying, or listening to the Father...You are a woman of faith! Bless you my sweet wife! Thank God for your passion to know love him...and to be in line with God's will...out of this flows all other things I love...I love your beauty (inside and out)...I love your personality (who you are)...I love listening and watching you be a mama (Jayk style) are amazing and praise God I got to marry my best friend...thanks for knowing and embodying so many things....Missions! You are a missional lady...thanks for blessing me and letting me go! understanding Simple...thanks for living simply...not living for what others have but living for what Jesus has for sacrifice like no other...bless you my sweet know how to be a friend to so many people! I love you tremendously and believe that God is doing amazing things in us and through us...

Thanks you phantom readers for letting me bless my wife...I know many of you would agree!