Wednesday, May 04, 2011

My Wife! Thanks Mom!

My honest opinion? Really you want my honest opinion? No you don’t. You do? Really? Ok if you want my honest opinion then here it is.

I am madly in love with my wife. She continues to astound me at every level. Seriously! The greatest single gift I think a wife can give her husband is an intimate personal walking relationship with Jesus. As those who ask for relationship advice, marital counseling, or personal refinement in their world they have heard me say this before. You must spend time with Jesus to know his heart, hear his plans, and walk in the Spirit. My wife gets up every morning at 5:00 a.m. when I go to work out and spends two hours in the word and prayer. She writes notes, may send a few encouraging texts or notes (I receive them often). She storms the gates of heaven and cries out for God to lead us, guide us, and help us as we live for Him. I know that my wife walks with Christ. She doesn’t just wing it, fake it, talk about it, or hope it happens. No she makes it happen. She has found the balance between legalism and laziness. The reason I know this is because I see it and experience it. Her faith is growing more and more. Her heart for people, neighbors, family, and others keeps swelling and swelling. How she confesses sin, embraces life, and hopes in Christ is amazing. For a wife to be strong enough to fight for the kingdom and humble enough to confess her sin is to be admired. She continually tells me where God is working on her and changing her. To which I say, “How?” “How can he keep working in that area you have grown so much.” But to her the measuring stick isn’t other ladies, moms, culture or the flesh but Christ and Christ alone. This I say Thanks Wife!

Oh many of men may wish to write these things about their spouses but I get to with great confidence and purity. Prin, thank you for being a living example of righteous living and Godly woman.

This walk with Christ then pours her life out for our boys (Jayk and Judah). The prayer, guidance, training, and love is steady, strong, consistent, and full. My wife is carrying a huge role in training my boys in righteousness, faith, and courage. How she prays for them, over them, corrects them, and is patient with them only comes by clinging to Jesus. We believe God has something great for our boys. You want to know what it is---here it is…to know Jesus. That’s it…That’s is what our greatest desire is for our boys. I am so thrilled that my wife isn’t trying to live her dreams through our boys. She is living her dream. Our boys may not know what they have in a mom but I know what they have. I heart full of blessing, love, and the Holy Spirit. Any mom can sacrifice and love occasionally. But my wife does it regularly early and often. Our boys will surely one day rise up and call her blessed, faithful, and true. To see their love for her now may it only grow more and more and more. On our boys walls we have one scripture and one saying. The scripture is 1 Cor. 16:13 “Be men of courage; be on your guard, stand firm in the faith, be strong and do everything in love.” And we have “Loved, Cherished Wanted” on the other wall. Prin, I say today that you are loved, cherished and wanted. This is how we love our boys. You are a living example and we say today all over again you are loved cherished and wanted. To this I say ThanksMom! On behald of two little boys that think their mom is the most amazing.

I love you Prin! Happy Mothers Day 2011

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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Mom! Thanks Mom!

It's 9:05 pm and I am exhausted. I know I am getting old. The days of Southwest Baptist University & Wheaton are over. No more "making memories" by playing spades late into the night only hoping that my Greek book near by would someone enter my mind to pass a test the next day. My days are now filled with early morning workouts, devotions, prayer, book reading, paper reading, breakfast with the boys, making lunches, loving my wife and boys to the max, being apart of an amazing missions staff, living life with a great group of interns, leading a home owners association, dinners with family and friends, etc. I look at my life and I think often about my parents.

The sacrifice, courage, honor, hard work, and love that rolls from my folks is amazing. My mom has owned and modeled all of these and so much more. Just to name a few:

1. No one has ever come to my parents house and did not eat. Regardless of the time of day, night, morning, or midnight hour. And if there wasn't something made then just wait about 7 minutes and a 7 course meal would be on the table. If I didn't play sports I would have weighed 1200 pounds. My mom has the gift of food service!

2. My mom had a beauty shop in our house and she worked hard! And I promise she employed each of those ladies to watch out for her boys. We couldn't get away with a darn thing. But mom would work all day for us to have gas money, food at a ball game, or dessert at Heritage cafeteria.

3. My mom was tough. She never had a sick day or hardly a vacation day in her life. And if she did she worked double the day before or day after. She knew how to fight and push through regardless of what others thought or cared.

4. My mom was present. She never missed a game, assembly, party, carnival, pep rally, speech, tournament, contest, activity and every night I came home from anything regardless how late she was awake. She even walked in to school one day when I had just gotten busted for throwing spit wads in 6th grade. Needless to say I still remember that like yesterday. She made it a point to move me to college and meet all my friends. My mom was present! I would say everyday before I went to school i will call if I get sick will you be home? She always was present. Wow in so many ways.

5. My mom loves by dad. The way my mom respects, honors, and blesses my dad is tremendous. In all my years (32 so far) there has never been a moment mom has not modeled a true love for my dad and her boys. Her love has been pure, true and tough.

I say these 5 things yet 500 more come to mind. Mom you are tremendous, amazing, and loving. You have embraced my crazy calling and endured my family living 10 hours away.

Today girls and boys in India don't have this same story. As you know I love India... 6 trips so far and more to come. So this mothers day I give to a favorite ministry ours (Kay and I) AsOurOwn ( in your honor so those children may have what I have through this great ministry.

So......THANKS MOM!!!


Here’s a special way to say, “Thanks, Mom!”

STEP 1 :: Give to our Thanks, Mom! campaign to honor your mom on Mother’s Day, May 8.

STEP 2 :: In the donation comments box, tell us what you appreciate most about your mom.

STEP 3 :: Download a certificate for your mom that explains the gift you’ve made in her name.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Granada, Spain January 2011 (What Jerrell Learned)

I have been needing to write this for a few weeks now...but hey better late than never. The last week of January 2011 I spent a week in Granada, Spain with 8 other men and our executive assistant from our office. It was a men's trip that Pastor Gregg was on...

Granada is a college town. So many young people...yet very few followers of the Lord. As any leader who knows where the world is especially in the east...if you are going to take the gospel forward you must connect with the youth of the city...we had such amazing opportunities doing this...I am so proud of the people who have are working there and have worked there before truly is a labor of love in so many ways...there is only one way to build relational equity and it is time...time...time...

Here are some of the things that I took away from the week.

One piece of information I won't give you though is all that Pastor Gregg spoke into our lives. It was amazing and very much explanation of it would diminish the power of the moment. So I will leave those greater lessons and thoughts in my heart and mind to play out over the next several months...

1. Life is about the small things. I personally need to continue to do the smallest of things well. Communicating with friends and family. Responding to needs around me. Embracing the smallest things in life...

2. Courage. Everywhere I turn courage is usually shown to me in a new way. One of my life words is courage. So I ask the Lord to continue to make me more courageous. To be unmoved by popular opinion and the world's conformity.

3. Men's Trips. I am committed to taking more men on the other side of the world. So who is with me. Please inquire. As so many have said before: as men go so goes their marriage, their family, the church and the kingdom of God.

4. Pray for Missionaries. Yes reminded again to live out Phil 1:19 (Paul says that through your prayers and the work of the Holy Spirit...) I want my prayers to count.

5. Get Out of Debt. This is always a reminder when you travel and share the love of Christ. As American Christians we have to live even more Simple lives...seriously...cut back...move into a smaller is time...change the for yourself less and give your life away...

6. Be a man! I am continually reminded that the culture and life wants to challenge any man's manhood. Life requires us to go forward and be adventurous and take risks...

7. Write more letters. Yes isn't that novel. It is true...writing more hand written notes...try will see...

8. Read the bible more with no bible study tools, pen, highlighters, or note pad...but just read it to absorb it and let it minister to you without preparing a study or writing any thoughts. Pastor Miguel in Spain reads 10 chapters a day to stay focused and to love the Word. What a great challenge.

9. Get my boys on international trips as fast as possible. Kay and I talk about this all the time...this is a priority and will happen as soon as Judah is potty trained and will quit putting things in his mouth.

If anyone is looking for a place that has amazing ministry and the love of food and relationships this is a place to serve. The prayer that is needed and the encouragement is a game changer for the country of Spain.

I could write more but I won't. Jesus thank you for the trip to Spain. It was challenging, encouraging, and I was blessed.