Friday, April 27, 2012

Brazil Day 1

Upon landing in Brazil, we skated through immigration and customs without a hitch. We actually got through customs so fast we had extra time to wait upon our hosts arriving to the airport. We then traveled an 1:30 through Rio traffic heading into Niteroi seeing the sights, sounds and smells of a beautiful country. Let me touch on few insights from today...

Food: We definitely will not starve in this country...our first restaurant for lunch (which for some was breakfast since our "snack" on the airport was almost non existent.) and our dinner restaurant are large buffets in which you weight your plate at the end of the line. One fun piece is the ability to pile on meat at the end of the line. These opportunities serve as key times of face to face fellowship and interaction with one another as well as our local Brazilian friends. With piles of food and a bit tired you can only imagine how much we need a 2 hour break after lunch to rest and shower.

Church: Wow! What Jesus has done here with Patti LaCarter & Georgia Costa is amazing...I am still blown away by the work of the Lord through them...The pictures and stories we have are so inspiring and we have only been here 1/2 day. More on this to come...

Ministry: Last night the men killed it! Truly...Travis Herzog & Russell Johnson did an amazing job working with the preteens/children. Even seeing a child commit their life and loyalty to King Jesus. Anthony Brown & Tom Tyrell were the perfect two to share with the Celebrate Recovery men and women...their personal stories weaved perfectly into loving on these amazing people here in Brazil. Then I got to be with the teenagers/college students at a nearby home. Wow! What a great job James Mayes did in telling his story. You could have heard a pin drop. The hope of the church in Brazil has a lot of potential with who we met with last night.

As we wrapped up the day...which felt like 3 days...we sat on the hotel porch above the swimming pool and reflected moments/stories/pictures of how Jesus was revealing himself already.

All are healthy but exhausted. Let's see what tomorrow holds..

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