Saturday, April 28, 2012

Brazil Day 2 (Friday)

Brazil Day 2:

We were all up early this morning considering many of us had been up 36 hours or so straight (minus a few cat naps on the plane). Breakfast at 7:00 am. Devotional at 7:25 a.m. and a departure sometime after 8 to go work in the slums with one of CBO (Comunidade Batista Oceanica) newest church members. She has recently be apart of the church...she has three kids and we are praying for her husband to start following Jesus. We thought we were going into do a few small projects but it turned into a little bit more...I'll save the details.

One of the best intros of creating community and seeing fellowship grow is generated the fastest when the group is tested with what we call "liminality." Pushing a group to the limit in which it appears what is put before them cannot be accomplished or achieved within themselves. As we loved on this family and worked on their home our hearts united as one. We laughed, worked, and saw our own hearts change for this half day project.

We then took some showers to remove the paint, mortar, and dirt before we headed out to see more of the city. We spent 30 minutes at one of the highest points in the city across the bay from Rio...we overlooked the bay, the buildings, the beaches, the boats, and the beauty of God's creation. All of us truly could had sat up there for awhile reflecting, praying and taking in God's fame & beauty.

We then made our way to downtown Niteroi to visit a Catholic church and some black magic stores. Black magic/spiritism is strong in this country. It's totally dark and demonic. There truly is a strong spiritual attack waging all around us. Walking the streets packed with street vendors, street food, one of stores and packed streets truly does allow you to see the diversity and lostness of a city.

Two of our prayers have been: 1. Instead of touched emotions we will have changed values. 2. Our goal is to move missions from an event to a lifestyle. Join us as we serve others and grow in Christ today.


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