Sunday, April 29, 2012

Brazil Day 3 (Saturday)

Brazil Day 3.

This day we have been anticipating for a long time. Months ago when we spoke with Patti LaCarter in Brazil about bringing a team down we discussed the potential of @greggmatte leading a pastors seminar. Well today this is all coming to fruition. The hours and hours of work by Patti and her team is coming to light today. The organization, prayer, invites, recruiting, communication, etc.. that was poured into this time together today is amazing. I am sitting in a packed church (250 seats) with Brazilian pastors. This place is full of life, energy, expectation.

Today Pastor Gregg crushed it. His message was duly translated into Portuguese & sign language. This is the results of the hard work and dedication to Patti LaCarter and 16 years of ministry here in Brazil. The relationships she has sustained and the prayers that she has prayed are evident. I can't get over what we experienced today. It was powerful and encouraging.


To end the day we sat around a Brazilian Steakhouse and had the sweetest time of encouraging Patti & was powerful.

You can tell we I am a bit tired in recording the details...but just want you to know that today (Sunday) will be a full day...pray for us...

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