Monday, April 30, 2012

Brazil Day 4

Days like this in ministry and life make it all worth it. I could not have been more pleased with the men on this trip including our pastor. The church we are here serving has their services at night so yesterday we planned a BBQ for men of the church and the community. Bubba Crosby shared his story and he killed it! It was incredibly awesome to hear how God took Bubba on this incredible journey through a career in major league baseball and how God used it so powerfully in the lives of these men and young boys. Following his story we ate plates full of Brazilian BBQ and had great conversations with these men even with some coming to know Christ or hearing about Him for the first time. One of the best times of the morning BBQ was the baseball demonstration that Bubba lead all these men and boys through. To see these men learning a sport for the very first time was quite enjoyable but greater was the love that we all demonstrated one to another.

After a short nap and shower we jumped back in the bus and headed to the church. A few of us did some pre worship service seminars on Marriage, Administrators in Education & the student ministry. Then we took a short break, snacked on some food, Skyped in our wives to let them see our faces and the church. As the worship service as soon to begin to people were pouring in...probably 250++ were crammed in the worship center and it was rocking! A few people started their relationship with Christ, many were encouraged in their walks with the Lord and we as the team were blessed. After multiple pictures and a long dinner we all crawled in bed sometime after midnight. Our hearts were full and our bodies exhausted but we believe that God has been glorified and the hearts of the Brazilians encouraged.

This day will be a great marker in many of our lives.

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