Wednesday, February 20, 2013


So following my rush out of the hotel room after oversleeping...I found my travel host with a gentle comforting smile on his face. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed to see two new friends. Mary & Joseph Mombo. The Mombo's serve in largest slum in Africa called Kibera. The numbers of people range from a million to around 200K people. My guess is towards to larger number. Ten years ago the Mombo's followed God's call to leave their previous location and life in Nairobi and make their way into the slum. They now run a medical clinic that provides health and medical care to mommas giving birth everyday to babies. Many who are battling HIV/AIDS. Upon arrival they showed me the amazing medical clinic, the church, tin metal school for the children and the abounded orphanage that must be demolished and rebuilt by government standards to house children. I have seen slums all over the world and this one is no different. Rubbish and refuse all over the place. The smell of disease, death, and sickness rampant. Yet in the midst of death the Mombo's are pouring out the light of Jesus. Seeing miracles, deliverance and healing right before their eyes on a daily basis. My heart was stirred. It's what extreme poverty does to me every's the reminder that I must continually lead my family and influence others to live simple so we can serve and give to the poor, widow, orphan and prisoner.

I will leave you with a few photos.


Check this kid out!

Simple adorable.

These girls are displaced right now.

Clinic on left. Home to be torn down and rebuilt with cement blocks on right.

The old children's home that is condemned.

Delivery room for mommas.

Menu for kids. What would your family think of this menu?

Joseph & Mary Mombo.

So who wants to go serve with me here?

Thanks for letting me process.


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