Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Follow Me...David Platt...Book Review...

These two words: Follow Me have been eating me up for a few months now. I am committed to walking with Jesus...always have been since 15 and always want to be...I have been studying this in the book of Mark...I have stated a few times on Twitter and FB that "Follow me: is a graphic illustration of faith." As I flew over to Africa I devoured David Platt's latest book called Follow Me. I love reading those books that state exactly what I have been preaching, saying, and praying. Platt in his book states, "I want to move from what we let go of to whom we hold on to. Page 4" He follows this statement up with "With good intentions and sincere desires to reach as many people as possible for Jesus, we have subtly and deceptively minimized the magnitude of what it means to follow him. Page 7" After I read these words I closed the book and repented...right there on my flight over the Atlantic. Jesus I don't want to water down discipleship for the sake of decisions. It's a bid to come and die. Die to self. Die to stuff. We are already dead in our transgressions...let's let Jesus make us alive in Him. After I spent some time contemplating those opening lines I gathered the courage to reopen the book and journey on...I am slow glad I did. Oh yes I am so glad.

I found much hope, clarity, and courage in the entirety of the book. Here are a few quotes that inspired me. David Platt thanks for leading faithfully...I love it.

"Everyone who follows Jesus biblically will fish for men globally. Page 71"

"Following Jesus necessitates believing Jesus, and believing Jesus leads to proclaiming Jesus. Page 88"

"This is God's will in the world: to create, call, save, and bless his people for the spread of his grace and glory among all peoples. This will is not intended to be found; it is intended to be followed. Page 135"

"The reality, however, is that it's biblically impossible to follow Christ apart from joining his church. Page 150"

"It is biblically, spiritually and practically impossible to be a disciple of Christ (much less make disciples of Christ) apart from total devotion to a family of Christians. Page 173"

"The great commission was not a choice for them to consider, but a command for them to obey. Page 178"

"We don't just live for people to hear the gospel; we long for people to respond to the gospel. Page 187"

"God has given his people worldly wealth for one purpose: the spread of his world wide worship. Disciples of Jesus live simply and sacrificially because we want the glory of Christ in all nations more than we want nicer comforts, newer possessions, and greater luxuries. Page 196"

So what about Africa...well I saw men and women living this out...sacrificing their lives and living simple to see Jesus exalted...

So friends...if you are bored and want to get inspired and challenged...pick up this's more than just an inspiring read...he gives a great plan, outline and pattern for you to make strides in being a disciple and making disciples.


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